The Future Girl Corp: Creating Girl Bosses!

Posted on 26 October 2016



Hey Dolls!

October is almost over, but a lot has been happening at Shades of Mia Mina. We're just going to give you an update about this incredible Future Girl Corp event that we attended. 

The founder, Nicola was fortunate enough to be one of one hundred females selected to attend the amazing Future Girl Corp event in London. 

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An Amazing Day of Female Empowerment

Future Girl Corp was created by Sharmadean Reid, CEO and Founder of the WAH empire, and Pia Stanchina an Industry Manager for fashion and luxury at Google.  



Pictured: Sharmadein Reid (credit: @sharmadeanreid


Pictured: Sharmadean Reid and Pia Stanchina. Credit: Future Girl Corp

The event was powered by Johnny Walker, and also sponsored by MTV and Sleek Make Up. Future Girl Corp was the pinnacle of female empowerment, with these amazing females who have paved the way of success for themselves, wanting to help and encourage the next generation of female business leaders to understand strategy, to think bigger, and aim high!

Why is this necessary?  Well, in the UK only 7% of the FTSE 100 (the 100 largest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange) have female CEO's. In the USA only 4.2% of the Fortune 500 companies have female CEO's! This is the same story for most countries in the world. So events such as Future Girl Corp are extremely necessary. 


There were one hundred females selected with businesses, or an idea to start a venture across all types of industries from beauty, to technology, to not-for-profit. The event was truly amazing and inspiring to be in a place amongst people that are just beaming with positivity and buzzing with energy. 


Credit: @sharmadeanreid

Credit: Future Girl Corp


So What Did We Do? 

We were immersed in a 12 hour workshop,  9am to 9pm focusing on the most crucial aspects of business for start ups. The event was a combination of speakers, seminars and workshops, from successful female CEO's. 


The event had the amazing following speakers , who all contributed something to the day, whether it would be their stories and advice. 



Future Girl Corp will definitely be hosting more events in the future, so make sure that you keep a look out if you're interested!  

If you have any questions,  comment below, drop us an email or connect with us on our social media accounts. 


With Love, 





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