Mia Mina Queen of The Month (March): Amber Gordon, Entrepreneur & Fashion Blogger

Posted on 02 March 2017

Mia Mina Queen of The Month

Each month we feature an amazing woman who is unapologetically herself and daring to fulfil her dreams. 

For our March feature we are featuring the fabulous entrepreneur and fashion blogger Amber Gordon. We had the pleasure of speaking with Amber, a London based business woman and a fashion blogger, who owns the personal styling consultancy business, Tailored Styling. Tailored Styling specialises in luxury goods, and offers personal shopping, image consulting and fashion concierge services to discerning clients. 

So we asked Amber a few questions to discover her business, background, and style.

Here's what she had to say...


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  • When and why did you start blogging/modelling/becoming an influencer?

I started my blog a few months after I started my business (around 2 years ago), as I was looking for ways to get exposure for my services and attract traffic to the website. The blog has become an entity in itself and plays a huge part in driving sales for the business.


  • What challenges have you faced in your line of work and how have you overcome them? 

Too many to count! Lack of funding for start up costs, equipment etc, struggling to build a client base, wanting to work with brands who are not open to it yet, needing skills that I don’t have and cant afford to pay someone to do. It’s just me running the business and blog so I have to be so many people at once! Everyday I remind myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day and if I’m struggling with something, I teach myself how to do it or find a way around it, I’m very persistent. No has never been in my vocabulary so I think a can do attitude is so essential whether you’re building a blog or small business.


  • How do you balance work and lifestyle?

Not very well if I’m honest! My new years resolution was to take a bit more time to myself but I cant say it’s going that well… when you love what you do it doesn’t feel so much like work so it’s hard to tell yourself to take some time off from it. One of my best clients is always telling me off for working too much.


  • Favourite quote?

"Success is no accident". I love this saying because I used to have such a bad attitude to life and expect opportunities to be dropped in my lap and was frustrated when things were not happening for me. Someone very important to me showed me that success comes after years or working, things don’t just happen for no reason you have to make them happen. People’s journeys don’t start from when they enter your radar and begin to get recognition – it’s likely they’ve been grafting for years before that.


  • How would you describe your style?

I find this question so difficult! I truly am a bit of a chameleon, there’s so many sides to me and I hate to stick to one ‘style’ I get bored. Sometimes I want to be polished in heels and a dress or in something frilly/ flowery – other times I want to be a Tomboy in boyfriend jeans, trainers and minimal makeup it really depends.


  • Who is your celeb style crush & why?

I’m obsessed with Miranda Kerr, she looks good in everything – even when she’s casual it feels so pulled together. I could list so many more but I know they have stylists, Miranda looks great and it always feels so authentic.


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  • Favourite dress from the nude dress collection?

I love the Amina Nude Peplum Bandage Dress. I love a peplum for giving the illusion of curves!


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  • Why is diversity personally important to you?

If everything and everyone in the world were the same, life would be very boring. There is not just one type person in the world and that should be reflected in the media, no one should feel that they are different or don’t fit.


  • Have you ever been personally affected by the lack of representation in the media, creative industries or any other industry?

I can’t say I have, but it is a fact that our world is so culturally diverse and fashion especially takes inspiration from so many cultures and countries, those cultures should be able to shop the products they inspire easily and feel that they are for them just as much as they're for everyone else.


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