Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016: A Small Step For Diversity

Posted on 19 December 2016

On the 30th of November, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016 graced us with it's presence in the only place it could: Paris. The City Of Love.


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From château wine-coloured lace trims to crystallised bras, the sexiest show of the year turned upmarket underwear into 24K Magic lingerie. How we all wish we could’ve been apart of the romance that took place.

Beautiful, strong, Mia Mina Queen like women were born to walk that very runway with their heads held high and their heels even higher. The line-up included the Hadid sisters, Kendall Jenner, Jasmine Tookes, plus 47 more models, all strutting their "inner-nude" in a celestial variety of undergarments. And to top it off, some of the most iconic artists featured at the event, raising the crowd from their seats. Well, with artists such as Lady GaGa, The Weeknd and Mr Bruno Mars himself you'd be more than just foot-tapping. Undoubtedly, this year's show was in every way tres magnifique. Tres magnifique indeed.


Fewer events could not even rival the ball that was the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. It single-handedly took over every social media site, throwing it's hashtags around like there was no tomorrow. Like the previous shows, the runway was set to kill.


Only this year there was one thing in particular that brought out the very essence Shades Of Mia Mina embodies:


Alluring, beautiful, diverse women daring to set aside the norm, conquering the fashion world's colourless palette.


How thrilled we were to see the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show embrace the raw and unadulterated beauty of Black, Asian and Latino women - more than ever before - to empower the striking VS collection. And to show off the beauty of natural hair! This included 3 (yes, 3!) Victoria's Secret Models rocking their own hair their own way. Yep.That weave can stay at home for the night!

This put a smile on so many faces. How many times do you see dark skinned women on TV or in a magazine without those bountiful Beyoncé waves. Let's face it. It's rare. So when the 3 empowering wonders swanked their organic beauty to the world, it spoke marvels for the future of the fashion industry. 


💕 Our singing group is called the #buzzcutAngels😋😘 💕#vsfashionshow #vsfs2016 #melanin

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Many of you may already know the stunning Jasmine Tookes, a black beauty of the Victoria's Secret Angels who has come so far in breaking the barrier of being the fist black model in almost 10 years to style the Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra. All eyes were on her as she strode the catwalk, with crystal jewels that glowed like emeralds on the $3M bra by Eddie Borgo.


Maria Borges rocking the "au naturael" hair do this year. 


Following in her stride were 10 Black models, 4 Asian models and 1 of mixed heritage, all of them owning the VS collection and proving to the world that beauty transcends all borders. These bombshells were Leomie Anderson, Joan Smalls, Maria Borges, Xiao Wen, Sui He, Lameka Fox, Cindy Bruna, Ming Xi, Lais Riberio, Liu Wen, Kelly Gale, Dilone, Zuri Tibby, Jourdana Phillips and Herieth Paul, the last four debuting as VS models this year.


And this is just the beginning.


To think that a brand such as Victoria's Secret has immersed itself in the beauty of the diverse is just an overwhelming feeling. Having that variety of different skin, different cultures, different languages... it all sums up what Shades Of Mia Mina stands for. Still a way to go to get this trending worldwide. But hey? It's got to start somewhere.


How we at Shades Of Mia Mina would’ve loved to have been apart of this very special occasion. We can just imagine our collection of nude dresses being the Model's after party gowns, going from nude to nude, as it were. With such a diverse mix of women with such beautiful, radiant skin, the choice of dresses would vary. But it's true to say that whether dark or light, the right shade of nude will illuminate your complexion and give you that Victoria's Secret Angel effect.


Well. Near enough. 


5  V I C T O R I A ‘ S   S E C R E T   F A S H I O N   S H O W   F A C T S

1. It was the 20th anniversary of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Happy anniversary guys!


2. This was the Show's big debut for Paris! (For a city highly regarded for passion and romance, this comes as quite a shock).


3. Those barely-cover-anything brassieres are actually really heavy...


4. Who knew you could get a pregnant woman on a runway. You go Irina Shayk! #lifegoals


5. And if you haven't seen the tweets already, type up Bella Hadid and The Weeknd. Enough said.


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