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Nude Bodycon Bandage Midi Dress



Our Story: Representing The Underrepresented   


Diversity | Individuality | Quality


Born out of a frustration due to the lack of diversity in the existing world of style, fashion and beauty when it comes to the definition of ‘nude’. Shades of Mia Mina was created.The journey began with the search for a “nude” dress for a dark chocolate hue, only to realise that this did not exist.

Shades of Mia Mina is our luxury fashion brand that aims to solve this problem. Our British fashion label that offers high quality clothing at affordable prices in a range of nude and neutral shades to compliment the true, and individual skin tone of all complexions, from ivories to deep cocoa shades.

We celebrate and represent the diverse and beautiful shades of nude; recognising that not everyone’s shades of nude is the same. We believe that you should never apologies for being you.

 Here you will find statement-making pieces in your nude and favourite neutral shades. For those who want to make a statement, statement making pieces in your nude and favourite neutral shades, we are the brand for you.


Embrace your inner style and do you.




TIDE – The way that we work!



We’re working as a team to give women a voice, and find out what they need from quality nude fashion. We want to know what works for their individual complexion and skin tone and encourage them to form part of our team!



We know that every single woman needs to be treated as an individual, because no two women are the same.



We recognise that it’s diversity that makes the world beautiful, and the sooner the fashion industry catches up with this way of thinking, the better.



Our dresses are designed to empower women and give them the confidence they need to live a fun and stylish life.



“Do you, embrace your own style and who you are because what you have is enough.”  – Shades of Mia Mina


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