Mia Mina Nudes

Nude Fashion Collection Shades

Our nude shade palette has been carefully selected to compliment all skin tones. So, if you're  a chocolate complexion or a porcelain hue all of our shades will look beautiful against your skin. 



Champagne Blush


This muted colour is the palest of our collection, made up of 6 shades in total. It’s a very pale champagne colour with a hint of blush pink. It’s subtle and soft and perfect for those with a more ivory-porcelain skin tones.





‘Vanilla’ is a slightly warmer shade to ‘Nude 1’ and is perfect for those with a pale complexion that would like a dress that more accurately matches their skin tone. It could be described as a sort of peachy-beige.



Cafe au Lait

'Cafe au Lait' is a light brown tone, very warm in its pigment. This shade in our collection is the first in our darker shades, perfect for those who need a darker cafe au lait colour to suit their gorgeous complexion.



Turn up the heat in our stunning ‘Chestnut’ shade dresses. This shade can best be described as a chestnut brown tone, with a beautifully rich colour to it that will have heads turning wherever you go.  




Our ‘Cocoa’ shade is almost the darkest colour we offer. It has a rich chocolate pigment this is perfect for our darker skinned beauties. You won’t want to take your dress off when you lay eyes on this amazing shade. 



The darkest, deepest chocolate shade we offer is Mocha. You’ll love the way this tone compliments your darker skin tones, providing a gorgeous nude blend.


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