Nude colour bodycon bandage dress for dark skinned black women


It all began with a dark-skinned millennial female's quest to find a nude dress to suit her complexion. To her amazement, this was nowhere to be found. For her, this then triggered the question of why? Why is nude only available in one shade? Why are shades of brown not considered as ‘nude’?


Nude clothing is supposed to present a close match to YOUR skin tone, right? The widely available beige shade is only representative of one skin tone. So, we created a brand and a campaign so that women would never have to ask the question ‘why?’ again!


My Skin My Nude is our campaign to celebrate the diverse shades of nude across the globe! Nude is not and can never be one colour, because nude comes in ALL shades. We are joining the mission to de-beige ‘nude’ and change the current representation of the shade within the fashion industry. It’s time to embrace and promote the beautiful shades of nude, from fair porcelains to deep cocoa shades!


Let's empower and celebrate each other, because whatever your skin-tone, your skin is BEAUTIFUL!

 Join us in spreading this message by using #MySkinMyNude!



With love,
Shades of Mia Mina



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